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Whether a beginner or an advanced player a large part of my teaching style focuses on creating expressive music every time the instrument is played, I find that this helps to make the experience rewarding and successful. I also tend to focus on equipping you with the skills to recognize behaviors and techniques that are prohibiting you from reaching your goals. This helps you to become your own teacher and lead the learning experience as your skills grow.

What will you learn in a lesson?

This is a question that is often asked by a prospective student and the answer varies greatly depending on skill, interest, goals and needs. A seven year old who is new to guitar requires very different guidance than a 50 year old who played before when he was a teen or first lesson together will help to better answer this question.

I’m an advanced guitar player, should I still take lessons?

Absolutely! I encourage a guided music learning for all players from beginner to advanced we all have something to learn. Even as a teacher I think of my self as a student, the process of teaching helps to better explain what is musically happening though the topics we cover.

I’m a beginner student how often should I take lessons?

I generally recommend a 30 minute lesson once a week for someone who is just picking up guitar. If you are very serious about becoming well versed in the instrument a 60 minutes lesson once a week.

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