Jeffrey Lubbers

American // Conway, AR



Music is something that is universal, it inspires great passion, relieves suffering, and unites the unknown. Music is personal it carrying a music is how personal it is/becomes for all of us, one song I think has a core meaning that carries it through the world, given to it by the composer/s, but to each of us personally it carries a different memory, and sentiment. Yet we all love music, be it Rap, Folk, Country, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Tribal, Original, Covers, Classical, Contemporary, Metal…. We all have some part of it that we love.

I began expressing a passion for music and in particular guitar since a young age, our house was all ways full of music. My musical training began in band playing the trombone funding my favorite area was Funk and Blues particularly enjoying improvisation. I have tried to bring the same life and joy of these elements to guitar that I was originally inspired to in trombone.


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